About Us

Founded in 1989, Broken Arrow Horseback Riding Club’s mission is to provide riders of all ethnic backgrounds, ages and physical ability a place and opportunity to experience horsemanship and the rewards of building relationships with these magnificent animals.

Through the generosity of individuals who share a common interest in pleasure riding, helping others and the love of horses Broken Arrow provides countless hours of philanthropy, demonstrations and riding opportunities to youths of all races, ages and physical ability.

Our ultimate goal is to build an equestrian center in Chicago that provides inner city youth with a new outlet for recreation and education.

Our founder, known as Murdock, The Man with No First Name, is on a lifetime mission to see:
•A large horse barn for stabling 100 privately owned and rental horses
•Indoor and outdoor arenas
•A Teaching facility for beginners and intermediate riders
•Horse training and lessons in horsemanship
•Demonstrations and exhibitions
•Seminars by professional horse trainers to illustrate the art of horsemanship
•Horse riding lessons (Western, English, Dressage, and Pleasure riding)
•Scout groups participating for earning badges
•Programs for under-privileged children
•Private birthday and pony parties for city children
•Trail rides
•Space set aside to sell basic horse supplies and equipment
•Onsite veterinary and horse fairer services

Please support our mission. Broken Arrow Riding Club is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization and your support is appreciated.

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